Things to Consider BEFORE Buying a Home

Whether it's your first or fifth time buying a piece of property, here are a few things to consider before starting the process to buy a home.

  1. Your Financial Health
    - Do you have good credit?
    - Is your monthly spending under control?
    - Do you have money put away for the upfront cost?
  2. How much mortgage can you comfortably afford?
    - Have you talked with a lender
    - Have you sent the lender all the necessary information?
  3. Do you have a trusted real estate consultant?
    - Someone that will guide and educate you on things in homes that you may not be familiar with.
    - Someone whose expertise will protect you from any pitfalls that you may encounter during the buying process.
    - Someone who won’t pressure you to buy anything.

Be sure to check out the video above! It's packed with a ton of information and things you may not have thought about.

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